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Various special, selected categories of analysis and discussion articles published on Light Rail Now! are categorized into in array of Focus Topics presented here.

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Focus Topics

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Rail Transit Planning & Advocacy Resources

Resources to assist the development and improvement of public transport and rail transit. More...

San Diego LRT
Public Transport Industry Issues

Articles and other features relevant to issues and developments within the public transport industry. More...

San Diego LRT
Rail Transit Systems and Success Stories

Listings and/or referrals to all the various LRT systems currently in operation. More...

world map
New Rail Transit Systems Proposed, Planned, or in Development

Listings and/or referrals to all the various LRT systems currently proposed, planned, or under development.. More...

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Photo Gallery

Photo illustrations of particular technical, operational, and historical characteristics of light rail transit and other mass transport modes. More...

Freiburg LRT
Streetcar Systems & Rapid Streetcar:
Concept, Systems, and Development

Articles and analyses relevant to modern streetcar systems and technology, with emphasis on the Rapid Streetcar concept and development of Rapid Streetcar systems. More...

Dallas streetcar cameo
Heritage (Historic or Vintage) Streetcar/Trolley/Tramway Systems

Articles and analyses relevant to heritage (historic or "vintage") streetcars/trolleys/tramways. More...

BRT bus
"Bus Rapid Transit" Analyses and Articles

Articles and analyses relevant to so-called "Bus Rapid Transit" ("BRT"). More...

Monorail and "Gadget Transit" Analyses and Articles

Articles and analyses relevant to monorails, AGT, and various "gadget transit" modes. More...

Amtrak train
Amtrak and Intercity Public Transport

Intercity rail passenger service – Amtrak, in the USA – and other surface transportation is integrally linked with the fortunes of local mass transit, and its access straight into the heart of city centers would provide a tremendous boost to all urban public transport, including LRT (light rail). More...

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Rail Transit Political Campaigns

Articles and analyses relevant to political campaigns for light rail and other transit initiatives. More...


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