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Cincinnati streetcar
Cincinnati streetcar (simulation)
[Graphic: Cincinnati Streetcar]


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Cincinnati Does It Again! Rail Transit Wins a Second Time, Clearing Way for Light Rail Streetcar Project

Light Rail Now Project Team · November 2011

Cincinnati seems to be the city that has added a twist to a familiar motto — "If at first you DO succeed, then try, try again."

At least, that revision of the old saw would seem to fit the scenario of the last couple of years, whereby Cincinnati voters first gave a green light to rail transit (November 2009); then rail and transit opponents and highway zealots forced a second public vote on rail this past Nov. 8th (2011) ... and rail won again!

Actually, if you've followed the pathetic saga here on Light Rail Now, you'll know that it's been the die-hard rail and transit opponents that have been relentlessly and repeatedly trying to stop the streetcar project and, in the process, basically roadblock all rail public transport development in, above, under, and though Cincinnati — even intercity passenger rail!

It was a tough campaign, but out of nearly 70,000 votes cast, 52% once again said No to the rail-haters and Yes to the prospects for future rail development in the city. This has definitely cleared the way for the light rail streetcar starter line project (an approximately 1.5-mile route configured in an elongated loop over about 3 miles of track).

We'll have more information and analysis on this history-making project in subsequent articles. For now, it's definitely time to guzzle the champagne and set off the fireworks in celebration.

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Updated 2011/11/15

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