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Here's a brief overview about the Light Rail Now Project. To help our educational and outreach efforts, become an underwriter of Light Rail Now!


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Light Rail Now!
9702 Swansons Ranch Road
Austin, Texas 78748
(512) 282-1149

What is the Light Rail Now Project ...?

  • The Light Rail Now Project is a charitable educational enterprise designed to support efforts both within North America and worldwide to develop and improve light rail transit (LRT) and other rail transit and mass transportation systems. This website – Light Rail Now! – is intended to provide informational and educational material helpful in bolstering these objectives and the general educational and outreach activities of the Light Rail Now Project. The Light Rail Now Project believes that presenting facts, reliable information, and well-supported arguments is the way to counteract the avalanche of misinformation and misconception about mass transit, rail transit in general, and LRT, and particularly to enable planners, decisionmakers, and the public to make truly informed decisions in regard to LRT as an amazingly versatile, attractive, and cost-effective mode of transportation technology. The Light Rail Now Project and this website are sponsored by the Texas Association for Public Transportation in collaboration with Light Rail Progress. (The website originated as a Web vehicle to support efforts to promote an LRT system for Austin, Texas in 2000, and was the official website of Light Rail Now and Walkable Neighborhoods.)

Light Rail Now!
9702 Swansons Ranch Road
Austin, Texas 78748

Phone: (512) 282-1149



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Light Rail Now! Underwriters

· Action Committee for Transit
· Brookville Equipment Corp.
· Fred Cain
· Citizens for Efficient Mass Transit
· Citizens for Modern Transit
· Friends 4 Expo Transit
· John Gear - Salem, Oregon
· Jane Holtz Kay (Asphalt Nation)
· LTK Engineering Services
· New Jersey Association of Railroad Passengers
· People for Modern Transit
· ROUTE - Rethinking Our Urban Transportation Environment
· Rochester Rail Transit Committee
· John Schneider - Cincinnati, Ohio
· John Schumann - Portland, Oregon
· Sierra Club, Austin Regional Group
· Texas Association for Public Transportation
· The Transit Coalition
· Transit for Livable Communities
· TranSystems
· Mark Yznaga


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