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Major Canadian Transit Supplier includes Link to Light Rail Now! Website

Light Rail Now! • April 2003

Infodev, a major Canadian provider of counting systems for the public transport industry and other customers, have included the Light Rail Now website on their page of Transportation industry Links:

Infodev's core business is counting people electronically, in a wide range of scenarios and situations, such as retail environments (shopping centers, stores), casinos, and museums, as well as in public transport environments, including trains and bus stations, airports, and in vehicles (buses, light rails, trains).

The company, which is based in the metro area of the city of Quebec, notes that "We design and manufacture accurate, easily installed and reliable automatic people counting systems ..." with a wide range of visitor or customer counting techniques using "leading edge" technologies.

Other products including devices such as traffic light priority systems, video event recorders, and preventive vehicle maintenance systems, among others.

The company's website home page can be found at:

Infodev can also be contacted at:

CP 1222 HV
Quebec, Qc
G1R 5A7

Phone: 1-866-590-1965 (toll free) or (418) 681-3539

The company's Transportation industry Links include a wide range of useful web pages involved with various modes of transport and professional associations.

Updated 2003/04/10


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