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Resources for rail transit planning and advocacy are listed here.


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Rail Transit Planning & Advocacy Resources

LRN logo
Light Rail Now Project – Planning and Public Outreach Resources

TAPT's Light Rail Now Project can provide a wide array of professional services to assist in the development and improvement of of rail transit projects and operations. More...

LightRail_Now Discussion Group

A wide spectrum of issues relevant to light rail – transportation policy, new developments, technical issues, operations, funding, finances – is on the table for discussion in the Light Rail_Now discussion group. More...

LRTA logo
Light Rail Transit Association – Tramways & Urban Transit Magazine

information and campaigning resources focused on better public transport, trams, tramways, streetcars, and light rail transit systems. Tramways & Urban Transit is the premier resource for light rail transit internationally, and we strongly recommend that planners and advocates subscribe to it! More...

Light Rail Central logo
Light Rail Central

"The North American Light Rail information Site" - a bountiful source of information on LRT in North America, including news, photos, definitions, systems list, terminology, vendors, maps, LRV specs. More...

CFTE logo
Center for Transportation Excellence

A US non-partisan policy research center created to serve the needs of communities and transportation organizations nationwide. The purpose of the center and the CFTE website is to provide research materials, strategies and other forms of support on the benefits of public transportation. More...

VTPI logo
Victoria Transport Policy institute

An independent research organization dedicated to developing innovative and practical solutions to transportation problems ... More... logo

Website presenting original fact-based, "in context" research and analysis of public transit operational, technical, and financial issues. More...

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Public Transport and Rail Transit Graphic Resources

A listing of some sources of photographs, maps, and other graphic resources which may be particularly helpful in evaluating, planning for, and adequately informing the public about rail transit and public transport issues. More...

LTK logo
underwriter logo
LTK Engineering Services

One of America's oldest and largest rail transportation consulting firms, with experience in all phases of project development, from preliminary planning through revenue operation, plus a reputation for on-time, on-budget projects ... More...

Stone Consulting logo
underwriter logo
Stone Consulting & Design, Inc.

Bringing knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm to provide each client with a complete and up-to-date source of information and technical assistance in all aspects of railroad consulting, engineering, and planning ... More...


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